Terms & Conditions

When you complete and submit your personal information requesting completion of a national police check or if you access the service through any other means, you are agreeing that:

a)    You have read and understand the full terms and conditions listed here;

b)    You agree to be bound by these

1.1         A National Police Check can only be completed to assist when applying for work, to volunteer, and for those on work experience or for people in positions of trust. Checks for any other purpose cannot be processed.

1.2         You can only request a National Police History check when informed consent has been received along with verification of your identity and a completed application form.

1.3         You acknowledge and agree that the information contained in a National Police History Check is available for use on the following conditions:

a)                  Quickcheck4U makes no representation or warranty of any kind without limitation in respect to accuracy; and

b)                 Quickcheck4U does not accept responsibility or liability for any error or omission in the information supplied by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

1.4  The accuracy and quality of this National Police History Check depends on accurate identification of the Applicant (including aliases) and information provided in the application form, as well as the comprehensiveness of police records.

1.5  While every care has been taken by Quickcheck4U to conduct a search of Police History Information held by ACIC that relates to the Applicant, this report may not include all Police History Information relating to the Applicant. Reasons for Police History Information being excluded from the report include the operation of laws that prevent disclosure of certain Police History Information, or that the Applicant’s record is not identified by the search process across the Police History Information holdings.

1.6  The National Police History Check is a point in time check and should not be relied upon for an unreasonable amount of time.

1.7  You will be notified of the National Police History Check result and provided with a reasonable opportunity to respond to or validate the information in this report.

1.8  The information in each report will be obtained according to the following process:

a)   We access the ACIC system which searches a central index for potential matches with the name(s) of the Applicant;

b)   ACIC and the relevant Australian police agencies compare name matches with Police History Information held in Australian police records;

c)   The relevant Australian Police Agency identifying any Police History Information held in their police records and releasing the information subject to relevant convictions, non-disclosure legislation or information release policies;

d)   We are providing a report of the National Police History Check to you indicating that a record of Police History Information relating to you is held or not.

1.9  Intellectual property in Police History Information is owned by the Commonwealth and the Australian police agencies. Nothing in your application for a police history check affects the ownership of intellectual property in Police History Information (including any copy thereof) provided to you.

2.1  Suncare is entitled to charge the customer the following fees for services under this Agreement.

            $49.50 (GST inclusive) for each National Police History Check (standard) and

            $27.50 (GST inclusive) for each National Police History Check (volunteer) or

2.2  You must pay fees in advance and be in credit before a police history check can be completed.

2.3  You must complete your application carefully as we do not issue refunds if you simply change your mind or submit incorrect information. We are also unable to issue a refund once your information has been submitted to ACIC.

3.1 You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that any information submitted is accurate, correct and concerning yourself, regardless of how that information is supplied.

3.2 Quickcheck4U will only provide the results of a police history check electronically by email (unless otherwise agreed), it is your responsibility to ensure the email address provided is correct.

4.1 Quickcheck4U is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles described Privacy Policy link. We cannot act on any request that will, as determined by Quickcheck4U, put us in breach of these principles.   

4.2 By entering an organisations name into the Billing Customer field at checkout you consent to the sharing of your National Police History Check results with that organisation for the pupose described in your application.